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Specialty Thermoplastic Elastomer Developer TPE Solutions, Inc. Announces New COPE Based Product Lines COPEPlus™ and COPEnhance™

TPE Solutions, Inc. has developed two complete lines of COPE (Co-Polyester Elastomer) based compounds and concentrates intended to improve and/or replace the processability and performance of any copolyester elastomer base such as Hytrel®, Arnitel®, Keyflex®, Skypel® and Kopel® based compounds and masterbatches.

The newly developed product lines are COPEPlus ™ and COPEnhance™. These new products have exclusive advantages over its competition with capabilities that include ability to be blended with a wider range of 15D (Shore 70A) to 80D grade COPEs and ability to be used in light color parts.

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Press Coverage and Releases

TPE Solutions has a partnership in Peak Performance Compounding, Inc., a specialty custom compounding operation in Leominster, MA ( )

Peak’s capabilities include

  • Toll Processing
  • Custom Compounding
  • Drying
  • Blending
  • White Room
  • Pulverizing

Peak Performance Compounding is also ISO 13485 and 9001:2015 certified.

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Peak Performance Compounding

Peak Press Release

Peak Performance Compounding Partners with Haartz Corporation to Serve Specialty Medical Markets

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J.E. Cunningham & Associates writeup: Training & Consulting Leads to New Opportunities for Plastics Manufacturer (includes video)

Here is a video testimonial that TPE Solutions and Peak Performance took part in surrounding their relationship with growth, efficiency & tax experts Cunningham & Associates (

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