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Specialty Thermoplastic Elastomer Developer TPE Solutions, Inc. Announces New COPE Based Product Lines COPEPlus™ and COPEnhance™

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TPE Solutions, Inc. has developed two complete lines of COPE (Co-Polyester Elastomer) based compounds and concentrates intended to replace and/or improve the processability and performance of any co-polyester elastomer base such as Hytrel®, Arnitel®, Keyflex®, Skypel® and Kopel® based compounds and masterbatches. The newly developed product lines are COPEPlus ™ and COPEnhance™. These new products have exclusive advantages over its competition with capabilities that include ability to be blended with a wider range of 15D (Shore 70A) to 80D grade COPEs and ability to be used in light color parts.

The performance of the COPEPlus line is for use in UV, Carbon Black concentrates, AO, FR and HS Additive in COPE base resin while the COPEnhance™ line is for highly technical and high performing COPE base compounds with tremendous enhancements.

TPE Solutions’ COPEPlus FR MB 52 PBT is a super FR concentrate formulated with the highest-grade flame retardant package, exhibiting good heat and UV stabilities, which can be blended with COPE (Hytrel, Arnitel, Keyflex, Skypel and Kopel) engineered resins. Recommended usage level: 7-10%. Another product, COPEPlus HS MB 20:1, is an antioxidant concentrate that can be blended with COPE (Hytrel®, Keyflex, Arnitel) engineered grade resins. Recommended usage level: 4-6%. Another innovative product, COPEPlus™ UV MB 10:1, is a UV concentrate suitable for a wide durometer range. Recommended usage level is 5-15% depending on the final color of the part thickness.

In cases when the introduction of the masterbatches is not desirable or difficult to use by the customer, TPE Solutions has an extended line of fully compounded COPE enhanced products with further improved dispersions of FR, UV, AO or any different combination of additives, which simplifies and improves the process on the customer’s end. Examples of those compounds are COPEnhance 7211FR; COPEnhance HS; COPEnhance 72A11 HS UV. These enhanced compounds are fully ready to process and contain attributes such as superior low temperature flexibility, improved dispersion for thin wall applications, translucency, heat stabilization, good oil resistance and flame retardancy.

Due to the vertical integration of TPE Solutions, Inc. the lead time for most grades is under 21 days and several grades are stock items and can be shipped within 48 hours.

TPE Solutions, Inc. was formed in 2004 by Jonas Angus, P. Engineer, and is now a world-renowned supplier of quality, specialty thermoplastic elastomers.

About TPE Solutions, Inc.

TPE Solutions, Inc. is a well-known leader specializing in both off-the-shelf and custom TPE products including NexPrene® EPDM/PP based TPVs, SoftFlex and SoftLink custom TPEs. They offer a wide range of products depending on the Shore Durometer required by an application. Irrespective of application or end use, TPE Solutions Inc. can recommend the right kind or grade of TPE to best fit specific applications. For more information visit


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